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Lil Ol' Me - Lil Gideon

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Lil Ol' Me

by Lil Gideon
album Gravity Falls


Gravity Falls - Lil’ Old Me!

Oh, I can see, what others can’t see
It ain’t some sideshow trick, it’s innate ability
Where others are blind, I am futurely inclined
And you too could see, if you was widdle ol’ me!

Gideon: Come on, everybody, rise up! I want y’all to keep it going!
Dipper: Wha—? How did he—?
Gideon: Keep it going!
You wish your son would call you more
Old Lady: I’m leaving everything to my cats!
Cat: Meooow!
Gideon: I sense that you’ve been here before
Sheriff Blubs: Oh, what gave it away?
Dipper: Come on.
Gideon: I’ll read your mind if I’m able
Something tells me you’re named Mabel
Mabel: How’d he do that?

So welcome all ye… to the Tent of Telepathy
And thanks for visiting… widdle ol’ me!

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Day 09: Favourite Minor/Background Character S1E03: Head Hunters S1E06: Dipper vs. Manliness S1E09: The Time Traveler's Pig S1E03: Head Hunters


20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

Day 09: Favourite Minor/Background Character

Free Pizza Guy

Once he was scammed out of getting free pizza in Head Hunters, Free Pizza Guy has been appearing all over Gravity Falls, trying to enjoy but never getting free pizza. He’s entertaining in the fact that he shows up out of nowhere, his gag never gets old, and I sympathize with him greatly. Even looking at his face in these GIFS leaves me feeling terrible for him. I just want to give him a big hug, as well as a slice or two.

Honourable Mention(s): Toby Determined


eyyyy so this part 1 of a commission for a super cool person whose girlfriend came up with an A+ AU, lemme just copypaste the summary of it mmyes

"1930s Gravity Falls AU where Uncle Stan’s a bootlegger who runs a still, and maybe a moldy little sideshow as well. When the kids move in one summer he soon has them running rum all through the valley (vintage car chases with the deputies optional, but encouraged) and in their spare time, they investigate all the usual bizarre goings-on in Gravity Falls. She also thought maybe Li’l Gideon would be some kind of tent revival preacher boy, whom Mabel kept having to fend off."


this was so much fun and there’s more to come yeayeayea

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Day 8: Favourite Moment S1E19: Dreamscaperers S1E19: Dreamscaperers S1E19: Dreamscaperers S1E19: Dreamscaperers S1E19: Dreamscaperers


20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

Day 8: Favourite Moment

Dreamscaperers: Why Grunkle Stan’s Hard on Dipper

This is by far my favourite moment in the entirety of Gravity Falls. Throughout the course of the season, Grunkle Stan has always picked on and teased Dipper, leaving him to believe that his great uncle hates him. But that moment when the acoustic guitar plays and all of Grunkle Stan’s memories are presented to us, I was just as stricken with as much awe as Dipper was. It was nice to see a softer side to Grunkle Stan as well as watching Dipper’s confidence boost. Plus, it must have meant a lot to Soos to have Stan open up to him like that. There’s just so many good things to have come from this scene.

Honourable Mention(s): Dipper vs. Gideon in Gideon Rises