Fuck Yeah Gravity Falls!


The Gravity Falls tower defense game, Mystery Shack Attack, is now available on Android devices! You can find it on the Google Play Store for only $2.99.

Along with this release, the iOS version has also been updated. Both versions now feature two new modes (Endless & Challenge) as well as a new Upgrade Shop and an updated World Map to explore!


Next week, Disney XD is airing those new shorts along with some season one episodes. Here’s the full list of what we can expect starting Monday through next Thursday.

Carpet Diem w/ Fixin’ It with Soos: Golf Cart
Land Before Swine w/ Fixin’ It with Soos: Cuckoo Clock
Dreamscaperers w/ Gravity Falls TV Shorts #1
Gideon Rises w/ Gravity Falls TV Shorts #2

So there you have it! Also, be sure to keep an eye out as Disney XD will also be airing more reruns of season one at various times and days. Seriously, there’s no rhyme or reason! Maybe it’s 7am, maybe 11am. Perhaps you can catch it at 4:30pm or perhaps you have to wait until 10:30pm. You’ll just have to tune it at 7:30am or 9:30pm and see if it’s on!


I just remembered, I was looking through the Gravity Falls tag the other day and I saw a post about how there apparently was going to be an episode that parodied the film Labyrinth, with Mabel meeting a character not unlike the Goblin King. The funny part is that I actually drew a Labyrinth parody when I first watched it, because I thought they went so well together. Such a weird coincidence! Here’s my drawings…


Originally in my drawing ‘Jareth’ was just going to be a bunch of gnomes in disguise. XP (I didn’t post these before ‘cos they’re quite ‘early on’ before I got used to drawing the style)


Ahh, I love crossovers…