Fuck Yeah Gravity Falls!

SB drawing by Matt Braly SB drawing by Matt Braly In an earlier version, Bill made his appearance to Dipper in a dream. SB drawing by Alex Hirsch SB drawing by Matt Braly and Alonso Ramirez Concept drawing by Alonso Ramirez Bill model Sheet by Matt Braly SB panel by David Gemmill Rough layout by Sean Jimenez

Behind the Scenes tweets by Joe Pitt:

  • The 2 opening establishing shots are some of my favorite BG’s in the show. So much atmosphere that you don’t see in most cartoons
  • Stan’s “Worrel” TV may or may not be a nod to our art director, Ian Worrel.
  • All the pages of Dipper’s journal are illustrated by the talented, Andy Gonsalves. Check out his personal work here:
  • What do you think would do better at the box office: “The Lone Ranger” or “Grandpa the Kid?”
  • Notice all the subtle eye motifs on the birch trees. Our art director, Ian Worrel, ladies and gentlemen.
  • In an earlier version, Bill made his appearance to Dipper in a dream.
  • David Lynch was the original inspiration
  • We were so happy to be able to do the deer teeth visual. Here’s to animal cruelty and horrifying imagery on Disney Channel!


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